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* This Cosmocellular-Message,…… " You had read before 30 billion years; and will also read same, after 30 billion years. How it's possible ???"
* Man was evolved / descended from man only, not from the ape or other species. In short, a babool or banyan tree never gives mango-fruit. How it’s possible according to cosmocellular-ancestory and descending genetics science ??
* How Meditation-Mechanism is suprior to Sleep & Dream Physiology ???

Vedic - Message

Dear Reader,

Namskar, how are you? I hope you would be fine. For your kind knowledge, I am Dr Kamlesh N Patel mainly working as Critical-Care-Specialist in ICU, since 1986. Along with that, it is my strong hobby in a subtle research-work behind the living-cell-science (i.e. most-miniatured infinitesimal-form of the cosmos) & its origin infinite cosmic-science ( i.e. as my Cosmocellular-Journey, which has reversely been traveled as ( in order of Reverse-Cosmocellular-Time-Travel). As in cosmocellular-order which reversely takes-place from “Human-Living-Cell —-> To —–> Cosmos). And later it has been penned down in A-4 sized 1725 pages containing great volume-1 of “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”. Its research & writing works have yet been continued since 1998.

I would like to say something special about some still unexplored things of medical & paramedical-science through such unique & self-published book “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”. It shows about directly-&-indirectly as well as nonmolecularly-molecularly actions on our psychosomatic-state (i.e. as a material-magnetism of our surrounding ecological-forces. For example,– if Lunar-waves or Lunar-effects are remotely responsible for the ebb-&-tide of the ocean-water which occupies the 75% of earth’s-area, then why they can not remotely act on our 75% water containing physical human-body?). After-all, we all are (cosmobiologically i.e. Cosmosecularly) the part of our earthly-environment (Ecosystem). The atoms of you, atoms of me, and atoms of all of us, are derived from our one & the same origin the solar-atoms. In such a way, to try to understand the Nature’s phenomenon is to try to know the God’s Mind, i.e. called an “Intellectual-Worship towards the God / Nature”. And it is beyond the boundary of Religion / Nation / Language.

Indeed, India & all other corners of the world hold a “History of Literature”, wherein some very selectively great “Epics” (Granth) have been created & have emerged out as the Landmarks of that particular Era giving message to the entire mankind. An Epic (Granth) is the one that has potentiality to bring the entire population of world under the roof of one common-religion of “Humanity”. It never focuses on any specific group / community but which truly psychophysiologically covers all the sphers of Life, Society, & Nation etc.. And ultimately it considers the entire world as “One great universal-family” (Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam). Actually, every statement or slogan of the Epic (Granth) makes everyone feel only one thing and i.e.—- the Force of Truth. And perhaps, it is this truth only which makes it unique that makes it an Epic (Granth) and not just a Book, that touches one’s heart & soul and which finally makes one realize the actual emptiness in his life, and makes his life complete by filling-up this same psychophysiospiritual-gap through Nature’s special cosmocellular-message, (and no one would have ever read it before). And the same that got penned in the form of Cosmocellular-Hypothesis.

In a sake of simplification, I would also like to represent the Human-mind’s mysteries exploring certain special & innovative clues to you, as follows. How aninfinity-based functioning psychobiological-unit the “Human-Mind” is constantly (i.e. nonmolecularly-molecularly) influencing & organizing physically finite structural-organ the “Human-Brain”, according to Particles-&-Waves-Physics? : Likewise, a nonmolecular-based functioning software-programme is nonmolecularly-moleculary organising the molecular-based physical-structure of Hardwae-&-Networking programmes of Computer-system. Means, how a physical-conitnuity without physical-contiguity is possible, between such nonmolecular-based human-mind & molecular-based human-brain, according to waves-physics? How neurotachyon-particles are responsible for the thought-waves-mechanism & its neuroelectromagnetic-field, according to neurophotoelectric-effects? Ultimately “thought” is also an invisble-form of the intellectual-energy-waves. And how its infinite-flow is scientifically controlled through a scientificplacebo-theory-based induction of Clinical-Hypnosis (i.e. self-hypnosis or trance-meditation-mechanism) to establish a divine cosmocellular-connectivity with cosmic-force of surrounding universe. If we believe in “Only Evidence Based Medicine”; then why not “Only Evidence Based Meditation?” In short, if we believe in such scientifically proved modern theory of Clinical-Hypnosis (Alternative of Anaesthesia), then why not believe in such time-tested & scienitifically-induced ancient-theory of trance-meditation-mechanism?

Actually, such meditatively induced cosmocellular-connectivity fulfills the Nature’s teleological-aim behind our human-life on earth. Actually, nothing lives forever, yet life continues in a warm-lap of Nature, since evolution of the first life on earth. Means, how our life is finally organized through such nonmolecular infinite psychobiological -force (psychosomatic-force)?

After-all, “Life” is cosmobiologically i.e. cosmocellularly nothing but it is just a dynamic-expression of the nonmolecular-energy-waves at the different physical-platform-like special molecular-levels of the ecosystem of earth; and these all different special-molecular-levels of the dynamic nonmolecular-energy-waves at the ecological-scale are biologically known as the “different Living-Species”. Means, thus, life is nothing but it is just nonmolecularly-molecular-expression of the energy-changes-&-exchanges among the special earthly molecular-matters. Where nonmolecular& special-molecular-matters both are teleologically behaved as two sides of the same coin the “Ecosystem of Nature”. Etc. etc.In such a way, this book chronologically explains about the history of Nature’s Journey which has been infinitely started as from the Cosmos —-> to —-> Cell, as in a form the Cosmocellular-Journey”….… After-all, nothing (cytocosmically) lives forever, yet life (cosmocellularly) continues since evolution of the first life on earth. …. How it’s possible?

In short, every Era has one such Epic (Granth), and Cosmocellular-Hypothesis is undoubtedly an exactly upcoming-epic (as millennium-metaphysics) of this new-era. It took author’s 25 years, behind its vedic-research-works under strictly & neutral scrutinization of the modern-science’s laws. Its 1st-volume (Volume – 1 – A/B/C) contains A-4 sized 1725 pages  with more than 200 colour pictures, which is released since more than three years. Its 2nd volume (of more than 1700 pages) is under editing-procedure, which will be released after at-least 1-2 years. Actually, this unique book is emerged out as,— all sciences uproaring, all philosphies uproaring, & at-last whole millennium-man-kind uproaring Phoenix-like Revival-Re-Entry of the ancient Vedic-Science as a Nature’s specialCosmocellular-Message that realizes us about the nature’s teleological-importance of our cosmocellular -journey on the earth.

Thus, it shows a straightway-message of the Nature’s-science (ancient Vedic-Science) to modern-science (Machine-Science), i.e. from East to West (for the youth of 21st-century of world. So, go for it (through www.cosmocellular.com), don’t waste time, thinking much after the purpose of having it in yourspecial collections for whatever publication / distribution / individual-use. Because, you can not ignore the fact that somewhere or the other you are in search of Truth of life, death and the purpose of your very existence. And this fact is reflected in every paragraph of this book (“Cosmocellular-Hypothesis, ….. A Journey from Meditation To Modern-Medicine“) that leaves every reader dumbstruck, by presenting him some still unrevealed great mysteries of his own life & his home the universe.