Just Glimpse of, How Meditation-Mechanism is suprior to Sleep & Dream Physiology ???

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       Actually, a state of the dream (vivid-sleep) is usually related to either cortical-activities of subconscious-&-superconscious-mind (cerebral-cortex). Because, ‘dream’ is (a meaningly-meaningless)-image; and such its visible or visualized-thought is a formulation of the image or concept, in one’s mind. Thus, a ‘dream’ is the most valuable source, for a study of the subconscious & superconscious-mind. Dream reflects about our both the inner & outer life-events. Dreaming is a purely electro-neurological origin (mostly from the cerebral-cortex); during which, our brain processes the thoughts, memories & experiences, as in a random-orders of the apparent but mostly aimless-styles. But, sometimes, a meaningful-dreams have a fantastic or supernatural-origin, like a forceful-intuition. But, it is yet difficult to understand the scientific or electrophysiological-processes of the “sleep-&-dream”. Still, our modern-science is not able to answer the most common questions like : Why do we sleep? And why do we see the dream? It is believed that the deepest thoughts or experiences are usually expressed, in a different vivid-like visual-forms of the dreams, during REM-sleep. We can not inhibit such purely sleep-related thoughts.

Actually, to understand the sleepless-sleep-physiology (i.e. neurophysiology of self-hypnosis & trance-meditation-mechanism), it is also important to understand the natural sleep-mechanism & dream-mechanism, in a neurophysiological-way / cytopsycho-physiological-way. The ‘sleep’ is nothing but it’s a natural & regularly resting-mental-phenomenon, in which, our both the states of mind & body are resting with a partially or completely (but absolutely arousable) suspensions of bodily-movements.

Means, ‘sleep’ is a revitalizing neurophysiological-state of the temporarily-suspension of the consciousness. There are preavailed some theories of sleep, and among them, an auto-induced functional neurophysiological ‘cerebral-ischemia’ is to be thought as one of the important theory of sleep. That in which, a sleep is cytopsycho-cosmically induced due to a temporary cerebral-ischemia which neurophysiologically takes-place aswith a feeling of the physiological-drowsiness especially likewise after food, that causes to reduce the blood-pressure to reduce the demand of cerebral-circulation alongwith an increasing of the gastro-intestinal-circulation to digest the food.

The sleep-centres of brain are located at the suprachiasmatic-nucleus (SCN) of hypothalamus of brain, which control the rhythmic-mechanisms of falling-asleep & waking-up. Hypothalamus is a ‘biological-clock’ or ‘master-clock’, for all the voluntarilly & involuntarilly psychological & physiological-phenomena. With that, the sleep-centres of brain are also co-ordinating with a cytopsychocosmically releasing of the sleep-inducing neurochemicals, in a response to daylight-&-darkness. So, that the retina of eyes are later sensitive to change the senses in between the day-light & darkness of night. Then, retina sends such its changed-impulses or information to SCN of hypothalamus, through an optic-nerve. Then, during rapid-eye-movements-sleep (REM-sleep), the Pons (which is a structure of brain which is situated at the base of brain) is also active to release the relaxation-giving nervous-impulses towards the spinal-cord to immobilize the body. Mean while, a state of just before & during the sleep, a pineal-gland (3rd-eye or agnachakra or biological-pyramid or meditator’s-eye) releases its neurohomone the ‘meletonin’ which triggers the feelings of drowsiness or sleepiness. Pineal-gland is also directly cytopsychocosmically regulated, by a SCN of hypothalamus. During sleep (& sleepless-sleep the ‘meditation-state’), Pituitary-gland also activates to release the growth-hormone, which can stimulate the protein-productions in a living-cells so that can increase the growth of individual before his adolescence or maturity-period, and it also helps to repair the damage-tissues, by a revitalizing or recharging of all the living-cells of body.

So, thus, a natural sleep (& artificially-induced sleepless-sleep-state of the self-hypnosis & ‘trance-meditation’) is not only a relaxing & resting-mechanism of mind-&-body, but it is also a body-growing as well as healing-mechanisms of our psychosomatic-state. Means, the same benefits of naturl-sleep can also be achieved, by a such regular practice of the artificially-inducing sleepless-sleep, i.e. the meditation-meachanism mirror-mental-image-technique of self-hypnosis. After-all, our both the artifical & natural-efforts of the sleep, are the same-mechanism for a sleep-centres of hypothalamous of brain. But, in such planned-psychophysiological-state of the sleepless-sleep of the ‘meditation’, a cerebral-ischemia does not occur, unlike a natural sleep-phenomenon. Indeed, sleep restrictively-recharges our mental & physical energy. While, such zero-charged sleepless-sleep (trance- meditation) nonrestrictively-recharges our both the mental & physical energy.

Means, a ‘Zero-Thought‘ based “Trance-Meditation (TM) Samadhi” is the death of all negative & positive thoughts, death of all negative (sinful) & positive (sacred) deeds / Karma /actions, death of all desires & aversions, death of our entire mental existence /world. Thus, trance- meditation acts like a Black-Hole that destroys everything related to our past & present life. Means, no thought-generating process, no time-organising-cycle which is all time bound us in a viscious time-cycle of the past, present & future tenses. Our own mind is the seed of everything that we experience. Regular practice of trance meditation creates a potential mental-state which acts like a divine platform. Because, at this stage, Lord Shiva (God of Dhyana) uplifts our souls to ‘Moksha‘ (Liberation). An unbound soul which is free from all past & present life then merges into Supreme Soul. Means, our such sleepless-sleep is psycophysiologically improves our neurotheological-mechanism to nourish our entire mental & physical-states. In a sake of simplification, an induction of such Zero-Thought (Trance-Meditation), means, it controls the entropy-going time-force to potential state of Zero-Time. In other words, it’s a state which brings you beyond the vicious cycle like Chakravyuh of Time-Wheel..

On the contrary, a trance-meditation-practice also improves the cerebral-perfussion, through a providing of sufficient blood / oxygen-circulations to ever-&-more-demanding nervous-system. So, neurotheologically, such physiospiritually-habited sleepless-sleep-state of the trance-meditation (TM) is much superior to a physiological-habited sleep-state of mind. Because, at last, any ischemic-state (either which is a physiological or pathophysiological, functional or actual), is harmful to both the mind & body. [‘Ischemia’, means, a reduced or arrest or lack of blood & oxygen-supplies to living-tissues, due to, either functional-constirction or actual-obstruction of the blood-vessels to a particular organ / tissues; and such ischemic-cellular-state is electrophysiologically (not biophotoelectrically) responsible for a reducing of the stream of biophotoelectrons.. Such sleep-related reversible-neurological-ischemia daily occurs during a natural-sleep (meditationless-meditation); but it never occurs with a sleepless-sleep (meditation). So, on the contrary, such nonmedicinally & artificially-induced-sleep (the meditation) can more & more improve the strength of stream of psychophotoelectrons through a condensing or minimizing of the scattered & weaker thought-waves of psychophotoelectrons into stronger & focusing thought-waves of psychopotential-photoelectrons, instead of merely reducing of a number of scattered & randomly released number or streams of the psychophotoelctrons during natural-sleep / dream states.] According to vedic-science of meditation (Dhyana) & sudden-thoughts-stoping-technique of self-hypnosis : that any kind of the mental or thought-waves can be inhibited, by such self-psychic-training, i.e. by a deep or trance-meditation (sleepless-sleep), or a ‘zero-thought-condition’ or ‘zero-ideation-state’ of the peaceful-mind. Such peaceful psychic-state, later potentially acts like a thought / dream-free-mind, which is resting as in a sound-sleep. Generally, a sound-sleep is a thought-free state, which is also free from even a single dream.

Hence, in Vedic-science it is frequently said like : a ‘Zero-Thought’ based ‘Trance-Meditation (TM) Samadhi’ is the death of all negative & positive thoughts, death of all negative (sinful) & positive (sacred) deeds / Karma /actions, death of all desires & aversions, death of our entire mental existence /world. Thus, trance- meditation acts like a Black-Hole that destroys everything related to our past & present life. Our own mind is the seed of everything that we experience. In other words, trance-meditation acts like a formating of hard disk drives to clear everything to increase the efficiency & speed of computer system. Means, a regular thought-controlling practice of trance meditation creates a potential mental-state which acts like a divine platform. Because, at this stage, Lord Shiva (God of Dhyana) uplifts our soul to ‘Moksha‘ (Liberation). Then such our unbound-soul which is free from all thoughts & deeds of all past & present life, to merge into Supreme- Soul forever…….

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Hippocampus of brain is highly sensitive to hypoxia-induced ischemia due to reduced cerebral-perfusion, that neuropathologically damages the memory-centres & cause for memory-deficiency (dementia), following cardiac-arrest. Here, this same neuropathophysiology justifies the respiratory-role of good oxygenation, during Pranayam (Deep-Breathing) that improves the memory.