Dr. Kamlesh Patel has been working in medical field, since 1986 & serving as ICU-RMO, in several renowned hospitals of Vadodara city. Apart from being anatomical analyst, he is astronomer & involved in various astronomical activities. Alongside that, he is continued with agriculture activities. So Nature has knowingly / unknowingly inspired him to write this book, beginning of its dates back to year 1998. Here, author biologically explains about ‘Life’ which is just dynamic expression of Nature’s special nonmolecular-energy-waves at different physical platforms like special molecular-levels of ecosystem of earth. These molecular-levels are biologically called “different Living-Species”. This dynamic exchange of energy is scientifically explained to answer the query, “Nothing lives forever, yet life continues, since evolution of the first life on earth”. In short, every Era has one such Epic, and Cosmocellular-Hypothesis is undoubtedly upcoming epic of millennium-metaphysics of new-era.