It’s not an end ! The Cosmocellular-Journey will be continued. .......


         The 1-st volume comprises of three parts (Volume-1-A, Volume-1-B & Volume-1-C) ; each part deals with various vedic concepts. These topics are explained with the help of science and philosophy. While, its  2nd volume includes only detailed scientific analysis of hypothetical-concepts which discussed in first volume.

        It is an endless atomic story explaining the infinitely expanding nature from a human cell to the entire cosmos (Cell —> To —> Cosmos), as in a Cosmocellular-Disciplines. Actually, here this is a small pause, between the end of 1st volume (dual concepts of kinematics and dynamics) & beginning of the 2-nd volume (purely-kinematics concepts). With love and support of readers across the world, 2-nd volume will be published very soon.

           The book starts with page number ‘zero’ and ends with ‘0000’. This is to explain that everything evolves from cosmic-nothingness or cosmic-zero and again merges into cosmic-nothingness that refers to infinity. Also according to modern physics, total energy of the universe is ‘zero’ (0), i.e. according to Dr. Albert Einstein’s equation,  E =mc2 : Where E= energy, M = mass or momentum, C = speed of Light (i.e. light unit ‘Photon’ which is massless, means, zero-mass). In Latin, “C” is for Celeritas, means, “Speed“. Momentum, means, product (P) of the mass & its velocity (V); P = mv. So here, P = 0 x V.  P=0 (Zero). And Photon is also massless, so m = 0 (Zero). So, E = m (0) x C2 = 0 (Zero). And m = E (0) / 02 = 0 (Zero). In short, total cosmic-energy is zero, and total cosmic-mass is also zero. Thus, it proves the Supreme Cosmic-Singularity of Cosmic-Zero (0), at both levels of total dark-cosmic-energy & total cosmic-mass. Thus, total mass of universe is also ‘zero’ (0) according to M = E / C2.

          After-all, Cosmic-nonmolecularism and cosmic-molecularism are the two sides of  one & the same coin i.e. the mother Nature. Our ancient & modern knowledge, all scientific & mathematical-principles/laws evolved from ‘zero’ (0) itself and shall end as ‘zero’ (0), where ‘zero’ (0) is the beginning of universe & end of the universe, beginning of knowledge & end of all knowledge of the world. Thus, cosmic-everythingness (Veda or Vedic-Knowledge) cyclically ends into cosmic-nothingness (Vedant). So, the one who has truly understood the meaning of ‘Cosmic- Zero’ (0), is said to have received all the knowledge of universe.

         At last, also according to great Indian vedic-mathematician Shree Bhaskaracharya and world-renowned Indian mathematician-cum-astronomer Shrinivasa Ramanujan who have quoted that zero divided by zero is equal to infinity. This has been proven and accepted by several modern mathematicians as well. The infinity of universe is the eternity of universe, and this eternity of universe is nothing but the Almighty of universe.

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